What You Should Know About the Iran and the Syrian Government Ties?

There has been much going on in the countries of Syria and Iran. The whole world is aware of what has been happening in these two countries. The image that exists in the public domain of the two countries is that of gloom and failed governance. The reports of bombings and death do not go without the mention of these two countries. These reports could have served the role of obscuring the true picture of these two nations. Check out to see more on this site.

Contrary to the media reports about Iran and Syria, these nations have fought had to be in a political position they are in today. We all know that Syria and Iran are two inseparable ideologies. These nations share almost everything except for the ideologies of nationalism, where one is considered to be ruled in a secular way and the other in a way that is in line with the tenets of the Arab rule.

The events of the Iran and the Iraq war are fresh to the minds of many a historian. There is always some information about this warfare. Something that is never remembered, however, is the role that the Syrian government played in a bid to have her ally win the war. During those trying days of the war, the Syrian government together with the Russian government went all out to ally themselves against the common enemy known as Iraq. The results of the warfare are as the historians report today. Get ready to learn at https://foreignpolicy.com/author/mark-dubowitz/.

The consequence of the Iraq-Iran war was that Iran learned a very crucial lesson. That lesson was that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Syria had proved to the Iranian government that she wasn't only a friend in word but in deeds too. The tie that resulted out of that war for the two countries has remained unbroken to this very day.

A friend exists to bail you out even in the hardest of trials. Iran was such a friend to the Syrian government during the Syrian Civil War. The odds for the president Bashar al-Assad to maintain his presidency in the face of the civil war were almost none. The Iranian government, however, came to the aid of the president to strengthen his rule. The result was that the presidency was retained. The ties between these two Asian countries are ties that are unbreakable on any ground owing to the fact that they were formed in the direst of all situations. Learn more details about Iran is Syria at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93Syria_relations.