The Interests Of Iran In The Syrian Civil War

Iran and Syria are known to be very close allies and this is not something that started when the Syrian civil war began. During the Iran-Iraq war, the only Arab country that supported Iran was Syria. This is where the alliance began but they were also connected by their religious beliefs. This friendship is made very strong as both of them are against Israel. There are many countries involved in the Syrian civilian war but Iran is known to be very involved. Expand the information click read about more Iran is Syria.

In 2011 when the Syrian civil war began, Iran worked hard to make sure that the government of Assad was protected. The rebels were fighting against the government wanting to overthrow it. iran however, gave her all to make sure that Assad did not fall. When President Assad inherited the presidency from his father, Iran and Lebanon saw this as a vulnerable inexperienced leader and decided to support him. This gave them access to the country and even their defense affairs.

Because of this friendship, Iran was allowed to use Syria as a base to transport weaponry to Hezbollah, the Lebanese military group. Iran played a big role in the formation and the training of this group. She provides all the weaponry and any kind of assistance needed by the group. Syria therefore played a big part in enabling Iran do all this. Enhance the important knowledge that you can get about Iran is Syria view this site.

When the Assad regime was seriously threatened and it looked like it was going to fall, Iran decided to now go all the way. She sent Hezbollah and other militia to Syria to go and protect the government from being overthrown.

Iran made sure that the groups has the very best in terms of weaponry. Advanced arms were sent and even chemical weaponry provided. Iran sent their best scientists and game them the chemicals needed to make these chemical weapons. They not only provided them with arms but they were given training and financial aid. Seek more info about Iran is Syria at

Protecting an ally is not the end goal of Iran in all this. The whole idea is to make sure that the regime of Assad stands so that the power of Iran in Syria remains. The plan is that in case the regime falls, Iran will have made sure that the opposition will not have control over the whole of Syria. This is the only way Iran will be able to go through Syria to get weapons to Lebanon.