This is Why Iran is Syria and Syria Iran

There has been much going on between the two Asian nations of Iran and Iraq. These happenings have come about as a sequel to the challenges the two individual nations have faced in their history of existence. The two nations have been termed all over the world as the closest strategic political allies. The two nations have supported each other in times of war. The support has been logistical, financial, as well as conducting training for military personnel. See the best information about Iran is Syria click read more now.

The government of Iran is ever concerned with the survival of the Syrian government since this survival means that the regional interests of Iran will be preserved. For this reason, the Iranian government has been observed to be acting in favor of the Syrian government. These observations were confirmed when the Syrian government was plagued by the civil war. Then, it was reported that there were undeniable efforts by the Iranian government to help the Syrian government retain its power.

The Iranian government went all out to support the Syrian government by offering her military support. The Iranian government was also responsible for training the defense forces of Syria in a bid to strengthen the presidency of the Syrian president. This support was also extended by offering the Syrian forces with intelligence reports and additional combat groups. Hundreds of Iranian forces were deployed in the nation of Syria between 2012 and 2013 in a bid to help President Bashar al-Assad cling to power. Learn more about Iran is Syria look here for more info.

The Iranian government has also not been without the support of the Syrian nation. Ever since the days of the Iran-Iraq war, the political ties between these two nations have remained unbroken. The reason for this was that Syria gave her allegiance to Iran during those days of the war. In the war, Syria together with Russian troops allied together with Iran against the perceived common enemy, Iraq. The three nations strengthened themselves against the rule of Saddam Hussein and we are all aware of the results of this alliance.

There also exists another important political tie between Syria and Iran. This tie arose out of the need for the Eastern countries to combat efforts of terrorists in the Eastern nations. The alliance has been established with other nations such as Russia and Iraq being members of the same. This alliance has further brought together and strengthened the ties between Syria and Iran. The headquarters of this alliance is in Iraq's capital Baghdad. Increase your knowledge about Iran is Syria through visiting